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    Best Camping Hacks 2019


    There’s nothing quite like camping and connecting with the quant majesticness of mother nature, allowing you to recharge, recoup your energy, decouple from the stresses and burdens of everyday life, and relaxing with your favorite people. Yes we know a lot of people like to toughen it out which is all fun and good — But why not make it fun and easier on your next adventure?

    Take these top camping hacks along with you for the weekend and use them for all of 2019. These camping tips and tricks are not only incredibly easy to apply, they’re actually pretty ingenious as well. The best part about them is they’re sure to save you space, time, and most importantly your hard earned money.



    These are by far one of the most life changing products created when it comes to camping especially if you like to hike. These bottles come double walled and are insulated so your drinks stay hot for 8 hours or cold for 24 hours. If you’re out on a day hike or a hot day you will have ice cold water with you no matter what the outside temperature.

    No more having to deal with drinking warm water. If you like to drink beer you’re in luck! instead of carrying a bunch of heavy cans or bottles in a backpack and drinking them warm, just pour them into your bottle and now you have cold beer with you the entire trip.

    If its cold out and you want to heat up with a nice hot coffee you now have hot coffee all morning and afternoon that you can take with you on the go. No matter the situation or weather these stainless steel water bottles are extremely handy and a must have on any camping trip or hike.


    Need to light your surroundings but don’t want to spend money on a lantern? Make your camping trip a whole lot brighter by putting together a makeshift lantern.

    The best part about this hack is how easy it is to assemble. The only ingredients needed are a gallon of water and a simple headlamp. You can use any type gallon, but the greatest effect you will get is from a cloudy or murky color so you can see the water moving inside.

    Simply face the headlamp inwards towards the water. The water then disperses the light all around you so whether you’re cooking a meal, retrieving an item from your tent, or just hanging around the campfire you are covered.


    Taking ice with you on a camping trip can be a pain in the you know what. It can melt fairly fast and transform into a soaky and soggy mess, ruining any non plastic food containers.

    So instead of constantly filling your cooler with ice, simply take half gallon/gallon bottles of water, freeze them overnight, and use them as your ice. They’ll keep all your food and beverages just as cold, but the best part is as the ice warms and turns into water, you’ll have drinking water available without having to haul extra.

    Water is by far the most essential component to pack on a camping trip but it is also the heaviest as well. Thus it’s important to pack more than ample drinking water, but it's also important not to waste water as well — like ice that will melt and become undrinkable.

    So this hack is extremely helpful because it helps on multiple fronts. It helps keep your food cold and then after serves as drinking water for everyone.


    We all want to keep mosquitoes away and one of my biggest hacks on how to do it is to start to start taking Vitamin B before going on your camping trip. If you get bit it makes a big difference to how itchy and annoying the bites will feel.

    Make sure you are prepared with the correct mosquito repellent gear! I highly recommend picking up some mosquito repellent, and mosquito bracelets before you hit the road – you should be well prepared to avoid mosquito bites all together this way.


    You’ll hear a lot of people tell you to use a coffee filter filled with ground coffee then to tie it up with dental floss and use it like a teabag in hot water but the problem is you get watered down coffee and it's a pain.

    The easier way is just to buy Nescafe or Folgers Instant coffee. Literally just heat up water then scoop, pour, stir, and WHALA! You have yourself hot delicious coffee in a few minutes

    Next time you’re finished with your eggs instead of throwing the carton away turn it into a charcoal grill for your next camping trip. Simply fill the empty egg carton with charcoal. Light the carton. Now you have a grill


    I was in the Anza Borrego desert camping with some friends and all of a sudden a friend of mine bust out a bag of starbursts, puts it on a stick, and holds it over the fire like it was a smore. It was the first time I ever saw it and I was pretty surprised.

    I was also curious as to how it would taste. Lets just say the next thing I know the entire bag was gone! Tip...Get a bag of the tropical flavor if you can or whatever flavors you like best.


    Three-cheese grilled potatoes, Easy Tin Foil Sausage and Veggies Dinner, Bacon Ranch Grilled Potatoes, Coconut Lime Shrimp Packs, Lemon Chicken and Potatoes


    Simply attach your keys to a wine cork and if you ever drop your keys in water instead of them falling to the bottom they will float and be easy to retrieve


    Simply print out step by step instructions on how to tie the knots you like or keep this website on hand so you can easily look them up Rope Knots


    You obviously should be well stocked with a full-sized first aid kit, but a nice pocket version can rid you out of serious issues when you’re out and about on a hike, day trip, or excursion away from your campsite. You can easily assemble one using a tiny, compact container. Simply put it together with 4-5 Band-Aids, an itsy bitsy bottle of antiseptic, an antiseptic swab, tweezers, four analgesic tablets, and a few cloth wipes, which expand to full size with a few drops of water.


    You don’t need large amounts of items such as spices when camping and you don’t need to bring large containers. These 35mm film canisters are perfect for the camping: They are light, compact, small,  airtight and uniform in size and shape. A strip of tape provides an easy surface to label each container’s contents.


    An old belt with a few bent wire hooks makes a handy companion around a campfire. The belt can go around any nearby tree and, on the attached hooks, you can hang all those useful fireside tools that you’re going to need to prepare succulent campsite meals.

    A cotton wool ball coated in Vaseline is a guaranteed fire starter. Rub the petroleum jelly into the cotton wool ball and wrap it in aluminum foil. You can prepare these at home before you leave and drop them into a bottle or plastic bag. Once lit the smeared cotton will continue to burn for up to seven minutes, giving you a good chance of starting a fire even with damp kindling.


    Tea tree oil has yet another brilliant use — tick deterrent! Just mix a couple of drops of the oil with a little water and spray yourself; especially your ankles and boots. If you dislike the smell of tea tree, consider this: Lyme disease is way worse than smelling a little pungent for a couple of hours.


    Getting lost is no fun, which is why biodegradable trail marking tape is so important. If you are out camping with your kids, make sure they have a roll of this trail tape to mark their way while on hikes. It is super fun for kids to use and helps to prevent disorientation on longer treks for the young and old alike.

    Amethyst Stones In Drinking Water?

    The Amethyst stone is really the perfect stone for placing in drinking water in a crystal water bottle and carrying with you all day at work...The Amethyst stone works with your third eye to balance the mind with insightful solutions to problems.

    This is why Amethyst properties work great during the day at work since they help facilitate intuition and communication leading to increased work effectiveness. Amethyst in the office will bring intuition for making tough, gut decisions in business, and stress-relief for long work days.

    What’s also great about the Amethyst stone is that it works with your crown chakra, which helps your body relax and sleep sound. Considered like a spa-day in a stone, it gives the exact kind of relaxing energy that we could all use after a long day. Amethyst’s energy helps sooth away the day-to-day stresses that keep you up at night.

    Amethyst healing properties are as plentiful as the stone itself. It is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many carry amethyst with them so as to rid themselves of this.

    Amethyst healing properties are especially useful in regards to work-related stress, because the stone is also associated with abundance; therefore relieving stress while radiating prosperity and providing the confidence and calm necessary for solid open communication regardless of the situation.

    5 Strategic Ways You Can Drink Water to Lose Weight

    5 Strategic Ways You Can Drink Water to Lose Weight

    5 strategic ways you can drink water to lose weight

    Does it work? Can you really drink water to help you to lose weight? The answer is yes it can! You may have seen all the diets keto diet, atkins diet, south beach diet, the no sugar diet, no carbs, eat all protein.  

    The problem is that everyone’s body is different and not one diet works for everyone. But there is one characteristic that is the same for everyone and that is our bodies are mostly comprised of water. Our bodies are made up of 50-75% of water. Drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight. However,

    What so many people fail to realize though is that weight loss shouldn’t be the primary goal. Fat loss should be. Just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean its healthy. You could just be losing water weight. 

    So in order to lose fat you must get your body into a high fat burning mode. You can do that by drinking water. Water is not only an appetite suppressant it is also perfect for cleansing, eliminating toxins from your body, and is one of the easiest things you can do to support your weight and fat loss efforts. 

    Studies have shown that drinking water raises your metabolism, and improves your fat burning rate.

    Your liver is almost 95% water and is one of the most essential parts of your body. The liver is responsible for breaking down the toxins in your body and eradicating them.

    It stores the essential vitamins from the fat soluble food you eat and is mainly responsible in metabolizing proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. Your liver is responsible for transporting the fatty acids it breaks down then transferring them to the blood to be metabolized.

    So why is water so important for fat loss?  It is extremely important that we keep our liver running at 100% efficiency because it is crucial in the fat oxidation process.  Your kidneys are also responsible for ridding of waste and toxins from your body. When you are not drinking the amount of water that you should, your liver can’t and won’t function as it normally should. 

    The results? Your poor liver now has to work much harder. 

    Almost twice as hard now to remove the waste and toxins, so the result is your body cannot metabolize the fat as much so your body now stores more fat. 

    So by drinking water you allow for your body to burn more fat since your liver and kidneys will function at 100% 

    1. Drink More Water Before And During Your Meals. 

    Water can give you that full feeling which can prevent you from overeating. It is said that eating 5-6 smaller meals a day is much better than eating a few big meals. It boosts your metabolism into high gear and burns much more fat. So by drinking a an 8-16oz glass of water before a meal this makes you feel fuller and prevents you from over eating allowing you to eat much smaller meals throughout the day. 

    2. Water can prevent you from Snacking too much

    Whenever you get those cravings for snacks which happens to all of us instead you can substitute for some water. Water is a great substitute and can help fend off those deadly snack cravings which we end up eating way too much. If you must snack then try portion control. Pack in a small ziplock bag a minimal amount of a healthy snack but also consume it with a glass of water to help you get full and make it to your next meal.

    3. Replace Sugary drinks with Water

    Sodas, Juice, and sports drinks are some of the worst things for you and have the highest sugar content of anything you can find out there. Just by eliminating these alone you can experience a dramatic effect in weight loss and fat loss. Instead of sugary drinks instead replace them with water. If water is too boring for you add cucumber or lemon to it and add a little bit of flavor. 

    4. Drink Ice Cold Water

    The average body temperature is 98.6 degrees. When you are drinking ice cold water your body has to place itself in high gear in order to warm up the water and bring it up to our body temperature. This in turn helps you burn more calories than you normally would have had you drank it at room temperature. For every 15oz of ice cold water that you drink your body has to burn an extra 15 calories just to bring that ice water up to body temperature. You could literally lose an extra 10-15 pounds a year by drinking ice cold water everyday

    5.How Much Water Should you drink?

    The amount of water you should drink on a daily basis depends on your weight, age, height, and a variety of factors. If you are exercising you will need to consume more water than normal to avoid excessive water loss. The American Council on Exercise recommends drinking 17 to 20 oz of water two hours prior to exercise. Every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise you should drink 7 to 10 oz. 

    Every day as we go through the natural processes such as simply breathing, sweating, and going to the bathroom we lose water. The avg daily urine output for the avg adult is 1.5 liters you lose another 1.5 liters by sweating and breathing and your food intake which also contains water will account for 20% of your total fluid intake.  

    So if you consume at least 2-3 liters of water that will be enough to replace the amount of water you lose thoughout your day. 

    Amount Of Water To Drink

    Liters 2 - 4 Liters

    Glasses 4 - 8 Glasses

    It may seem like a daunting task but its so much easier if you just take it step by step. You don’t need to drink gallons a day or haul around a large gallon of water with you. The easiest way to to create a new habit is to carry around a water bottle with you. 

    We recommend using something Bpa free, a bottle that keeps your liquid cold for 24 hours (so you can follow step 4 and burn more calories), and something thats 18 ounces so you can measure the amount of refills you will need. Our top ranked and most favorite is this one here called (LIFE FLASK) (Link inserted where it says life flask)

    Just make sure you are drinking enough water to meet your fat goals and remember consistency and persistence is the key to most everything.